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Alone Against Fear

Alone Against Fear by Andrea Sfiligoi is a pen & paper survival horror solo game. You create a character and explore a town filled with monsters. All you need to play the game is the book, a pen/pencil, 2 six sided dice, paper or a notebook to keep notes, the character sheet and either a copy of the map template or another way to create the map, like grid paper. The main mission is to close 7 hell gates but there are 6 other missions you can do while closing the hell gates. You can learn skills by using experience or finding books. As you explore the town you create a map of the areas you have visited. If your character dies you can create a new one to continue the game. There are a lot of monsters/bad guys. There are serial killers, witches, demons, undead, possessed, beasts, mutants, aliens, ghosts, living dolls, zombies and vampires.

The book is a little disorganized but it was still understandable. I added tabs to make it easier to find things. I also created my own character sheet as the one file I found online was small and blurry when enlarged. I wanted to be creative with the map by drawing the buildings, etc but unfortunately my hands at the time were really hurting so I was unable to do that. I enjoyed the game, although I think there should have been less monsters. Some, like the mutants and aliens also seemed out of place. They kind of took me out of the story whenever I got them because they didn’t feel like they belonged. They and maybe some of the others should have been saved for other adventures.

My character Samantha, Sam for short managed to survive the entire game. Since she didn’t seem very lucky it took long to locate all 7 hell gates but she did do all the available quests before closing the final hell gate. The only quest she was unable to do was one given by a priest to get the mask of Walrus the Clown; as she was unable to find any info on how to locate him. The only thing she found was his joke book and his name written in graffiti on an abandoned train’s wall. Samantha thought this town had way too many gun shops and churches.

The map of the town Samantha was stuck in when everything went to hell.

There are currently two more adventures for Alone Against Fear. The first is called The Village of the Living Dolls which I have already played and my write up on it should be up next week and the second one is called The Coming of the Dark Templars which I have not played yet.

If you have trouble finding a printable character sheet, you can download and use the one I created by clicking here or on the image. I also made the character sheet fillable so if you don’t want to print it or cant, you can still use it.

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