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Apothecaria: Prologue

My name is Zoey Blackwood. I am a half elf witch from Willowvale and the eldest of 3 sisters. I have recently finished my apprenticeship.

I have always enjoyed helping people and animals. Besides helping, I also enjoy nature, painting, reading and exploring.



* I started my journal on Winter, Week 11 to create a prologue but I still started the actual game on Spring, Week 1.

* On the first entry, after the sentence "I of course happily agreed." It should start "She said she would teach me.." I accidentally missed the first two words and didn't notice it till much later and was unable to fix it.

* The rainbow trees in The Iridescent Forest are based on rainbow eucalyptus trees. Unfortunately I forgot to use my references so they don't actually look like them. It would not have been possible to fix them so I just left them alone.

* The letter from Aunt Meriam is almost entirely word for word from the Apothecaria book. Only the last few sentences were changed to fit my story.

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