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    Apothecaria Expansion: Familiar Shelter

    In September, Anna Blackwell released on Patreon the Familiar Shelter Volunteer’s Guidebook which is an expansion to Apothecaria. This expansion gives your character something to do during downtime.

    Your character can volunteer at the High Rannoc Shelter for Familiars and complete tasks for the familiars. If they complete all the tasks they earn the familiars trust and can use their ability. Your character can also adopt a familiar as long as they have earned their trust.

    Before releasing the expansion she asked if people wanted to memorialize past pets as familiars. I decided to submit one of my first pets that I had as an adult.

    I had two ferrets; Misty & Lilith aka “The Inseparable Duo”. They did everything together, play, eat, sleep, steal things, cause mischief, etc.  Both had a lot of energy. Constantly running around, jumping and climbing. They were like cats on catnip all the time. Lilith got her name because she attacked her sister and gave her a permanent limp. So we thought she was going to be a little trouble maker. That didn’t turn out to be the case. She was actually quite calm.  We think she only attacked her sister because of the stress of being in a new environment. Misty was named because she had a silver coat.  As she aged though it turned white. Misty turned out to be the most mischievous of the two. Misty was the leader and Lilith always followed. When they were out of their cage, they loved running around and exploring and looking for things to steal and hide in their favorite hiding spots; under the futon, under our bed or in their cage.  They would steal anything they could easily move like keychains, pens, bottle caps, small plush.  They would even try to steal large plush toys that were way bigger than them. Though they usually wouldn’t get very far. 

    Sadly Lilith developed a tumor on the top of her head.  It developed insanely quickly. Vet said due to her age and with how fast the tumor was growing that it was best to not do surgery and to take her home and that we would know when it was time. Eventually her quality of life declined and we took her to get euthanized. When we came back Misty went crazy looking for her sister and was never the same. She became very depressed, wouldn’t leave her cage and if we brought her out she’d just go back in, and barely played. About a month or so later she stopped eating and was barely moving so we immediately took her to the vet.  It turned out she had tumors inside her abdomen and due to her age and how bad she was it was recommended we euthanize her. We went with the vets recommendation.  I don’t know if there is an afterlife but if there is I hope they are happy together causing mischief.

    I felt bad choosing between the two so I sent her both and told her, she could pick whichever she wanted. But instead of picking just one of them she came up with an awesome idea to include both while still only taking up one slot. Basically they would be a single familiar bonded together. Misty would be a ghost ferret that would lead Lilith into mischief.

    From the Familiar Shelter Volunteer’s Guidebook

    Besides my ferrets, there are also cats, dogs, a rat, a spider, a chinchilla and more. I think it was really nice of her to let some of us memorialize our past pets in her game. I can’t wait to try the expansion.

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    Apothecaria: Prologue

    My name is Zoey Blackwood. I am a half elf witch from Willowvale and the eldest of 3 sisters. I have recently finished my apprenticeship.

    I have always enjoyed helping people and animals. Besides helping, I also enjoy nature, painting, reading and exploring.


    * I started my journal on Winter, Week 11 to create a prologue but I still started the actual game on Spring, Week 1.
    * On the first entry, after the sentence "I of course happily agreed." It should start "She said she would teach me.." I accidentally missed the first two words and didn't notice it till much later and was unable to fix it.
    * The rainbow trees in The Iridescent Forest are based on rainbow eucalyptus trees. Unfortunately I forgot to use my references so they don't actually look like them. It would not have been possible to fix them so I just left them alone.
    * The letter from Aunt Meriam is almost entirely word for word from the Apothecaria book. Only the last few sentences were changed to fit my story.

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    Apothecaria: Solo Potion Making RPG

    I recently started playing Apothecaria: Solo Potion Making RPG which is another solo game by Anna Blackwell, the creator of Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game. In this game you are the local witch who creates potions to help the various ailments the townsfolk, travelers, etc. may have while creating stories that weave into the existing world. It is my first solo journaling rpg and so far I am really enjoying it.

    I plan on posting every in game week on here. I will also keep track of all the potions and characters created and any other relevant information. I’ve created a page that will keep all the links to these various things together and easy to access for those that are interested in following my progress. That page can be found here or by clicking the Apothecaria link in the menu.

    I will be using a handmade, vintage leather-bound journal that I purchased back in December for a watercolor project that I never got around to doing. On the last few pages of the journal I tested various watercolors, markers, fineliners and pencils. Unfortunately, the pages in this journal seem delicate. I don’t recommend using pencils or any pens that are pointy as they can tear the paper. I also don’t recommend markers if you want to use the back and front of the pages, as they bleed through. Watercolors can be used but you can’t go too crazy with the water.

    I will most likely use QoR Watercolors, MozArt Komorebi Japanese Watercolors and Arrtx Jelly Gouache Paint when creating any art. For the writing and line art I will be using Sakura Pigma Micron Pens as they worked best and didn’t tear into the paper.

    Lastly I will be using a ruler to keep my writing straight. If I don’t use it my handwriting will most likely be slanted/crooked.