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Week 5 & 6 of Dungeon23

Unfortunately these 2 weeks I haven’t gotten much done because of headaches, then getting the flu and a sinus infection. I’m still not feeling well. So this is just a quick update.

Level 2 is The Temple of Al’githaaz which is below the basement of the manor. I decided that several of the tables or some parts of some of the tables from level 1 will be reused. It made sense that some of the monsters and things from that level would also be seen in this level.

For week 5, I was only able to get some tables done. I finished the vermin, minion, quest and special features tables. I was unable to do any mapping. For week 6, I didn’t get anything done as I spent it resting and trying to get better.

Hopefully I will feel much better this coming week and will be able to be more productive.

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