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    Week 7 & 8 of Dungeon23

    I didn’t do too bad these 2 weeks. For week 7, I completed all the remaining tables. For week 8, I worked on room descriptions, completed the map and started inking it. I didn’t finish inking it because I kind of want to draw items in the rooms but it makes my hands hurt drawing so small. Hopefully I will decide by the end of the month what I plan to do.

    Temple of Al’githaaz – 1st Floor
    Temple of Al’githaaz – 2nd Floor
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    Week 5 & 6 of Dungeon23

    Unfortunately these 2 weeks I haven’t gotten much done because of headaches, then getting the flu and a sinus infection. I’m still not feeling well. So this is just a quick update.

    Level 2 is The Temple of Al’githaaz which is below the basement of the manor. I decided that several of the tables or some parts of some of the tables from level 1 will be reused. It made sense that some of the monsters and things from that level would also be seen in this level.

    For week 5, I was only able to get some tables done. I finished the vermin, minion, quest and special features tables. I was unable to do any mapping. For week 6, I didn’t get anything done as I spent it resting and trying to get better.

    Hopefully I will feel much better this coming week and will be able to be more productive.

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    Week 4 of Dungeon23

    I didn’t get as much as I wanted done this week. I’ve been busy and have also been dealing with headaches which have made it a little hard to concentrate. I did get the last of the tables finished; which included the boss, weird monster, magic weapons, epic rewards and quest tables. The only table not completed is the special wandering monsters which can’t be completed until the megadungeon is done or almost done as it will include monsters from the other levels. I’m still not close to finishing the clues, secrets, journal pieces and boss fight sections. I don’t think I will be able to complete all that in the few days left of the month but that’s ok. I will just keep working on them into February.

    Below are the completed maps for the 3rd floor and attic. I also completed the basement. This way all the mapping is done and I can work on the few things I have left for this level.

    3rd Floor of Blackwood Manor
    Attic of Blackwood Manor
    Basement of Blackwood Manor
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    Week 2 & 3 of Dungeon23

    Well I forgot to post week 2 and it was almost time to post week 3 so I decided to just combine the posts. For week 2, I finished the last rooms on the 1st floor of the Manor and several rooms on the 2nd floor. I was able to complete the following tables, special events, empty room search, hidden treasure complication, treasure and scrolls. For week 3 I finished the second floor and did several rooms on the 3rd floor. I also finished the traps, magic treasure, special features and minions tables.

    Below is the complete 1st floor, complete 2nd floor and some from the 3rd floor. I still haven’t inked them and probably won’t until the end of the month or beginning of next month.

    1st Floor of Blackwood Manor
    2nd Floor of Blackwood Manor
    3rd Floor of Blackwood Manor
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    Week 1 of Dungeon23

    For this week, I worked on some of the rooms on the first floor of Blackwood Manor. I also worked on a few of the tables for this months level. I was able to complete the room contents, vermin and wandering monsters tables. I also put a good dent into the special events table. As I mentioned in my previous Dungeon23 post, I made the tables with 12 things instead of the usual 6 as I didn’t want it to get boring and I decided to make the room contents table have 18. Only exception currently is the wandering monster table which I kept at 6.

    I have not inked my rooms yet, as I still have two more rooms I want to include on the first floor of the manor. Once I am done with them I will start inking. Below are the first 7 rooms.

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    For 2023, I had originally planned on creating a dungeon a day but then I came across Dungeon23 created by Sean McCoy. For dungeon23 you create a megadungeon which includes 12 levels and 365 rooms. Each month is a level and you create a room a day. This seems much more doable than my original plan, so I have decided to participate in it.

    I was going to create the dungeon for D&D but I’ve never played it as I only play solo games. Though I’m hoping to play it solo sometime next year. So I’ve decided to create my dungeon for Four Against Darkness.

    For Four Against Darkness you usually roll on a room contents table to determine what’s in a room, such as treasure, special features or the monster type you find there. So I will be creating that table but I plan to also have some rooms with more specific information which won’t require rolling on the room content table. I will also be creating the various monster tables. Usually the tables only have 6 monsters each. I plan to create monster tables with at least 12 monsters each, that way it doesn’t get repetitive. I plan to avoid using the typical dungeon monsters like, orcs, goblins, trolls, etc. I will also be creating treasure, trap, special features, events and quest tables. Each level will have its own set of tables.

    I’m calling my dungeon, “The Twisted Depths of Blackwood Manor”. Below is a brief introduction to the dungeon.

    Rumors say, the Blackwoods were a wealthy family who worshiped a demon by the name of Al'githaaz. One night, one of their rituals went awry and the manor, surrounding area, people and animals were sucked into a portal and vanished. Now every year on the anniversary of its disappearance, the manor returns near a random town. It lures adventurers, thieves and curious folk to it. Then it disappears. Sometimes in a day, a week or even months after appearing. Those who enter the manor are never seen again. 
    Can your characters survive the twisted depths of Blackwood Manor or will they be trapped forever? 

    I will be using some Mead Quad/College Ruled composition notebooks that I bought for my husband for D&D a few years back. Half the page is a grid and the other half is ruled. I will use it for creating a quick sketch of the room, creating the tables and a brief description if needed. I will also be using a Mead Cambridge Quad Ruled Pad to draw all the rooms together. I will ink the dungeon using Sakura Micron Pens.

    I plan to post weekly on Instagram & Twitter. I will also do monthly posts of the completed level on here.